GabrieleFogli-fotografo-focale-produzione foto-video-Sorrento-EnzoMiccio-Fashion-Bridal-BOLDINI-SHAKESPEARE- G-Excelsior Vittoria-3

Here we see a fashion bride photo shoot by Gabriele Fogli with a romantic mood, ethereal, suspended in time inspired by the painting art of Giovanni Boldini and the poetry of Shakespeare‘s tales.Who was Giovanni Boldini? He was one of the most popular painters of the aristocracy of the Belle Epoque:  Giovanni Boldini was an […]

Gay wedding Italy - focalewedding
Castello di Chiaramonte - Agrigento - 2014

Love is love. Love is one! Antonio and Vincenzo’s wedding.

Antonio and Vincenzo are two Italians, like many others. They live together in Rome. They work hard, every single day. They pay taxes. They love their country. They lead a quiet life. They have many friends … Well! So? You may say: what’s strange abut it? Nothing, except that still in 2015, in Italy gay […]

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