Focalewedding in Paris: voilà Charlotte Du Genestoux

Getting married in France
We are proud to present you here one of our wedding photographer based in Paris, Charlotte Du Genestoux: Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-2Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-12 Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-11 Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-10 Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-9 Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-8 Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-7 Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-6 Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-5 Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-4 Focalewedding-France-Charlotte-3
“I was working in finance in New York when I realized that photography was the medium to express myself. I consider every event as a photo coverage where the eye and the point of view are essential for the quality of the pictures. Of course I want them to be beautiful, but also lively, extremely expressive, quirky and even funny”.

“As for weddings, I am interested in catching the atmosphere of the day, which is alway different and unique, as the happy couples are…“

Charlotte is available for wedding events all around France: click here for more about Charlotte.

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